Quantify Your Achievements

Resume Tip Quantify your achievements. Numbers and percentages help to create a visual for your reader of how much value you offer. Which example sounds better? Increased Food and Beverage / banquet revenue OR Partnered with Executive Chef and increased banquet revenue by 75% within the first year. Captured an additional $750,000 in F&B revenue by increasing dining venue usage…

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Fighting the Unemployment Blues and Staying Motivated

The national unemployment rate fell to 8.5%, the lowest in nearly 3 years.  While we seem to be moving in the right direction, this is not a window of opportunity to “go easy” on your job search.  It’s a time to become even more persistent and stay ahead of the competition! While being unemployed can be emotionally challenging and stressful,…

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New Year Career Resolutions

As the new year approaches, many of us are in “resolution” mode. What changes do we want to make for 2012? What commitments do we want to make for ourselves and for others? It is a great time to reflect on our careers, evaluate where we have been, and decide where we are heading. Here are a few thoughts to…

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CAREER CHANGE – Do I Stay or Do I Go?

In difficult economic times and with the national unemployment average holding steady in the 9 percent range, making a career change may be a scary prospect. It is certainly not impossible, but the possibility must be approached strategically and realistically. Statistically, people change jobs 9 times during their lifetime and change careers 4 times. There are many reasons why; downsizing/layoff,…

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A Proactive Job Search

A recent New York Times article states that “a growing share of recent college graduates are having to settle for jobs that do not require a college degree, and they are earning less than their peers as a result.” Statistics show that the employment status of college graduates under age 25 is as follows: 22.4% — Not Working. 22.0% —…

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RESUME SPA TREATMENTS—Does Yours Need a Makeover?

What is a resume and why is it a critical document? A resume is a personal marketing tool with one purpose—to get you an interview. Statistically, a potential employer will take less than 20 seconds to scan your resume and determine if they will continue reading, place it on top of the pile for immediate consideration, or toss it. How…

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THE BOOMERANG GENERATION – How can we help you?

So what exactly is a “Boomeranger?” In short, it is a term to describe Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers who have moved back home with parents and family, in response to the current recession. While this situation may provide financial relief for the young adult, there are many facets to this arrangement that need exploring. Often after an “unsuccessful” job hunt, a…

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Practice for your interview… and get the job offer.

You finally received a call for a potential position that sounds perfect. Preparing, you make several crisp copies of your résumé, check the route to the office, clean your car, get your favorite interview outfit from the cleaners, and dress yourself appropriately. You’ve spent hours researching the company, understanding the position and getting a solid sense of how your talents…

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Top 5 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search

1.  Keeping it Quiet For whatever the reason, you are not putting yourself out there.  Even if you have been laid off or fired, you need to network. It is the most effective way to find a new position.  But, if no-one knows you are looking, no-one will call. 2.  Not Searching at All I hear so often that “there…

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Dress for Success

We hear this phrase all too often, but what does it mean in today’s job market? How are we expected to dress for a networking event? Does it vary from a first interview? A second interview? How much impact does that first impression have and does it matter what you are wearing? The answer is absolutely YES, it matters. It…

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Are you LinkedIn?

Before the job is posted and advertised, where does the recruiter/HR professional/hiring manager look for potential candidates? Before they even hit the job boards, they are on LinkedIn. And, if you are not there, then you don’t exist. Let me repeat that – IF YOU ARE NOT LINKEDIN, YOU DO NOT EXIST. People who are in talent acquisition and recruiting…

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Does Your Résumé Have Enough Gravy or is it a Dry Turkey?

As we prepare for the holiday season, I find myself comparing my work to feast preparations. Is there a difference between a well prepared holiday feast and a microwaveable frozen dinner in a box?

Interview Pre-Planning and Planning – Part 2

You’ve dressed appropriately, looking your best, carefully planned your route to arrive 15 minutes early. Your homework is done and you have a clear understanding of the positon, a solid overview of the company and you are ready to put your best foot forward. Now what?

Interview Pre-Planning and Planning – Part 1

We can never know for sure who will be sitting across from the desk and interviewing us for that dream job. A Recruiter? Hiring Manager? CEO? Human Resources? Are they an experienced interviewer? Have a clear understanding of the open position? Are they the gatekeeper or the decision maker? Since we do not know for sure, we cannot assume that we know what will be asked and how the interview will be conducted. Our best line of defense with the many unknowns of the job interview is “BE PREPARED”.

Common Resume Myths and Mistakes

If you ask 10 people what they think of your resume, you will get 10 different opinions. Resume writing is not an absolute process and must be individualized to best market the job seeker. There is no definitive or best way to write a resume. Every career counselor, recruiter and hiring manager will have his/her preferences. However, there are common…

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Publishing Opportunity: “101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career”

Publishing Opportunity: “101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career” Our new print book project on Career Enhancement is in motion! The working title for the book is: “101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career” Briefly, we will incorporate 101 articles or short chapters from 101 Experts in career related industries. Each Expert will provide one article along the theme of…

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Unemployment and Career Transitions, Challenges and Opportunities

The current national unemployment rate is 9.6%, with New Jersey equaling that number and being one of the highest state percentages in the nation. In the face of fierce competition for the available positions, perhaps it is a good time to evaluate options and explore opportunities. First, let’s address some of the key issues when facing unemployment or a career…

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They Can Hear You in Your Pajamas

(and taking the job search seriously) We live in a world today that brings a completely new meaning to “multitasking.” Potential employers call about our resume while we’re driving to the soccer field and deals are negotiated in the supermarket produce section. With virtual offices, tele-conferences, e-summits and Skype, we need to be aware of the types of messages that…

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Returning to the Workforce

People return to the workforce for many reasons: Stay at home parents are ready to resume or start a career. Financial changes have dictated a need. Retired persons are bored with retirement or need extra money. Business owners are looking for an opportunity to work for a company. Whatever the reason, hundreds of thousands of people are attempting to return to the…

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Job Seeking Tips For the College Grad

New reports show that graduating college students have had 40% fewer job prospects and the outlook for 2010 is not much more promising. So what’s the new graduate to do? There are jobs out there. Now your job is to be the one who gets one!   Know what you are selling and market it properly. The Product Yes, you…

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Interview Strategies

In the course of my career I have interviewed thousands of individuals seeking employment at all levels from the entry-level college graduate to the Chief Financial Officer.  While my experience spans across a wide variety of industries, the interview mistakes that I’ve seen are constant. Once you have procured a meeting with a potential employer, there is a tremendous amount…

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